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  • Google’s Better Web?

    November 24, 2017 | Blog
    Google’s Better Web?

    Google has been refocusing its efforts to create a “better web” by not only increasing the importance of mobile-friendly websites and better mobile browsing experiences but by fundamentally redefining what the mobile web experience is altogether. A recent rollout of the mobile-friendly algorithm boost, a new mobile-friendly website tool, and the announcement of accelerated mobile pages[...]

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    Google's Mobile Friendly Standards

    If your site is not mobile friendly according to standards set up by google it can impact your businesses ability to be found on mobile devices such as smart phones and tablets. The new Google mobile-friendly algorithm is supposed to give an additional ranking boost for mobile-friendly websites in the mobile search results. Google has fully rolled out the second version of the mobile-friendly[...]

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    Adobe Study Of Mobile Marketing Trends

    Only 20 percent of companies have a mobile marketing strategy that extends into the next 12 months, per a report from Adobe today. Put another way, 80 percent of brands have yet to feel compelled to develop a long-term marketing narrative for the on-the-go consumer. However, if one digs deeper into Adobe’s survey, which entailed 4,000 marketers and digital decision makers across the globe, [...]

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